Truelok® offers a wide range of face seal connectors with surface finish down to 5 Ra, with or without electropolish. Face seal connectors, also referred as VCR style connectors, are available in a variety of configurations. These VCR style connectors with metal gaskets offer high integrity metal-to-metal seal thus providing with leak-tight connections from vacuum to positive pressure.

These face seal fittings deliver outstanding performance in gas delivery systems and process instruments to certify the purity of gases and the integrity of gas delivery system in the semiconductor industry. Truelok® fittings are interchangeable with the fittings offered by other manufacturers.

Truelok® specializes in producing high quality internal finish with Ra values less than 5. Our standard finish is 10 Ra. A number of proprietary techniques have been developed for producing surface finish with low Ra values, proper surface chemistry, and high purity contamination-free wetted surfaces. Surface finish is verified using profilometer; and high-resolution microscopes are used to ensure a high luster finish.