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High Purity Diaphgragm Valves, Bellows Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, UHP Face Seal and UHP VCR style Fittings, microfit and mini weld fittings, Instrumentation Ball Valves and Compression Tube Fittings

Company History

Truelok was founded in 1993 in California as a privately owned company to manufacture custom designed mini weld and face seal fittings, VCR compatible glands and gaskets and nuts for a selected industrial sector. During this period, the company invested its resources on research and development activities and implemented a number of innovative manufacturing procedures that refined the manufacturing process yielding extremely smooth and contaminant-free wetted surfaces. Truelok, a business unit of cMAX-2000, Inc. is now ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Recently, company expanded its product line and now offers face seal fittings – VCR style fittings and glands, mini weld fittings in double melt 316L SS and Hastelloy material. Also, the new product addition includes springless diaphragm valves, bellows valves, pressure relief and check valves, compression tube fittings and instrumentation ball valves, plug valves, UHP check valves, pressure relief valves and needle valves. All valves and fittings are available in sizes upto 1″. Face seal metal gaskets and VCR style gaskets are available in SS, nickle and copper material with and without silver plating; gaskets with retainers are also available.

Management Team at Truelok

Since November of 2000, the company has been operating under a new management with the objective of manufacturing and marketing company’s products and custom designed fittings under the registered trademark of Truelok. The directors and working executives of Truelokhave more than 40 years of industrial management experience in engineering, manufacturing, research and development, and marketing. To their credit are a number of technical and managerial achievements.

Truelok’s Promise: Precise Measurement and Consistent Quality Fittings at Affordable Cost

Truelok’s goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs for custom design fittings with low Ra values, proper surface chemistry, and contamination-free components at a substantially lower costs compared to the competition.

Our prime objective is that quality specifications must be measurable and consistent, so that product features must fulfill our customers’ needs. To achieve this objective, the company implements a stringent quality monitoring program that is applied in each step of the manufacturing and processing operation. Additionally, a thorough final inspection of each component is carried out using industry standard optical and or mechanical methods.

Distributors Network

Maintain a close relationships with the users and tailor products to their specific requirements. The distribution of Truelok products in the domestic market is conducted directly through authorized sales representatives. For overseas markets, a network of international distributors has been established.

*Swagelok and VCR are registered trade names of SwagelokCompany, cMax and Truelokare not affiliated with Swagelok Company.


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