Truelok low and high pressure springless UHP diaphragm valves are designed for ultra high purity applications DVSmmLPPO Series Diaphragm Valves pneumatically or manual ontrolled actuator Male to Male Face Seal connection



Ordering Number

Material Actuator

Port 1

End Connection

Port 2

End Connection

DV-S-mm-LPP-NO SS 316L Pneumatic Normally Open 1/4" Male 1/4" Male


Critical Features of Springless Pneumatic controlled Diaphragm Valve - Low Pressure Model (Normally Open):
- Pressure Rating: 250 psig (17.2 bar)
- Temperature Rating: -10 t0 160°F (-23 to 65°C)
- Flow Coefficient: 0.27

- SS316L & SS316L VAR Body Material for Ultrahigh Purity Applications
- Fully Swept Flow Path Minimizes Entrapment Areas and Maximizes Flow Capacity

Fully contained PCTFE seat design provides
- Outstanding Resistance to Swelling and Contamination.
- Improved Helium Leak Test Performance
- Minimal Particle Generation
- Long Cycle Life

- Excellent in Strength and Corrision Resistance
- Optimal Design for Long Cycle Life