Extended Run Leg Tee


Ordering Number


Tube OD




Tube ID

X1 X2 Y Y2 Z Z2
  inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
T-4-X1 1/4 5/16 0.180 0.560 1.960 0.410 0.980 0.250 0.830


Truelok standard Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings are manufactured with SS316L, which is the industry preferred material for high purity fittings due to its corrision and oxidation resistant properties. Other Materials such as VAR, AOD/VAR, VOD/VAR or VIM/VAR and various alloys are available per customer request for their specific applications.

Truelok Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings are offered in Electropolished Finish as well. Just add E at the end of your part number for Electropolished finish.

Surface Finish:
Ra value of our standard finish is between 15 Ra and 10 Ra. Ra value of our Electropolished finish is between 10 Ra and 5 Ra.